Routing, switching, and wireless devices comprises the core of network infrastructure today. These devices carry your network communications to and from all destinations and sources. Deploying reliable, scalable, manageable equipment is the key to managing uptime and costs.

E-RateForSchools understands the importance of using quality data distribution equipment and how to size the right equipment for your situation. Whether your need connectivity to a few devices at a small site or a complex mesh of interconnections across sites with high availably equipment, we want to help you obtain the best solution.

Routers and Switches

Routers and switches must deliver highly secure, scalable solutions built on class-leading features, standards-based technologies, and cost-effective designs. Whether equipping a small school, a multisite educational campus, or a data center, routers and switches must offer the flexibility, performance, and security to meet the challenges of rapidly evolving school and library network requirements.


E-RateForSchools routing and switching solutions take a systems-level approach. We recommend and use products that embed management features into the network and integrate school-critical and library-critical services. E-RateForSchools best practices and mature technology choices across all product offerings help you boost productivity, meet customer needs, and reduce operating costs. Our span of expertise includes smaller environments with needs for a router and a couple switches to large distributed campus environments that include hundreds of devices.

E-RateForSchools has chosen eligible routing and switching products for school and library campuses environments that include the following benefits:

  • Scalable, flexible architecture

  • Robust product line to accommodate all needs

  • Operating system features, stability, and widespread usage

  • Product life, support, and long term value

From our research, testing, and customer feedback, preferred vendors for this solution include: HP, Cisco



Wireless devices have become ubiquitous in all environments including the school and library campuses. Streaming video can help educators teach and students learn. However, wireless environments pose challenges for technology integrators. These challenges include ever increasing bandwidth and data throughput needs such as streaming video, interference from the environment as well as from collocated devices, and multiple technologies sharing the same space and in many cases the same frequency bands. Security is even more important in a wireless environment due to physical safe guards such as a locked door or restricted physical access are not effective in a wireless environment. The administration and educator data must also be secure from the student body who are all collocated on the same campus.

E-RateForSchools recognizes these challenges and has both security products and security staff ready to assist you. When providing a wireless solution we offer alternatives including secure access points (AP) that stand alone and solutions that integrate with your firewall and offer “over-the-air” Virus, Web, Intrusion prevention protection services. Knowing that the most secure device is no more secure than the attention given to its installation, E-RateForSchools maintains a staff of security experts with real world information security audit experience to ensure that your school, administration, and students are safe.

Superior performance by itself is not sufficient; theses e-rate eligible devices also include the following features and benefits:

  • Consistent high level performance delivery to all users with support for older technologies such as IEEE 802.11 a/g

  • Superior antenna design and transmission bandwidth to accommodate the growing demands for multimedia and larger bandwidth transmissions

  • Security consciousness like Rogue AP detection

  • Optimized performance for multimedia over wireless to prepares your network for the transition to pervasive mobile video.

From our research, testing, and customer feedback, preferred vendors for this solution include: Fortinet and Cisco